Monday, April 5, 2010

Spiritual Icebreakers

Spiritual Icebreakers|Skrunji
spiritual icebreakers

Life is a gift, be thankful Happy wife happy life, Skrunji – no false pretense. Skrunji no inna the gossiping ting. Roots rock Reggae, Peace n Love, Skrunji vibe,Playin a riddim. Equal rights and justice for all, One blood,* One love, Wake up and Live!
* Unity with Spiritual Icebreakers
* Music is the oil of life
* It’s a beautiful day
* Try Jah Love
* NW Africa to NW Caribbean to NW USA Skrunji lead the way or
* Africa to Caribbean to USA Skrunji blaze the trail
* Reggae Music chant down Babylon
* Skrunji chant down Babylon
* Reggae Music
* Lagos, Nigeria to Kingston, JA to Camptonville, CA Skrunji blaze the trail
* Jah moves in mysterious ways
* North San Juan Ridge to Hellshire Reef Environmental protection is a global effort
* Skrunji for President
* Skrunji always on a mission
* Easy Skanking Skrunji
* Common denominator of gringo, nayga, chink, spic & coolly is One Blood
Spiritual Icebreakers
* Skrunji no join rat race
* Skrunji don’t need fe live pon roof top. Good conversation eliminates confusion & babylon illusion.
* No trouble, Skrunji seeing double, Skrujis working toward unification, Skrunji got to keep on grovin.
* Skrunji throw no corn & call no fowl
* Sun is Shinning, weather is sweet, make you wanna mover ur dancin feet Skrunji wear
* Rainbow country
* Skrunji run crazy baldhead out of town
* Original Skrunji ute – pic of Joel in garden
Spiritual Icebreakers
* Srunji mite terminator – pic of dragon fly on leaf from Cannon
* Every skruni man need a Skrunji woman
* Problems keeping up with the Joneses? Shift gear into Skrunji wear
* One Love Skrunji Style – people red green n gold stick figures holding hands around shirt or 3 on front/back – could be logo as well
* Feeling fisky on the NSJR – picture Ja took or an outline / negative of it
* Natural Mystic – Skrunji vibe
* Spiritual, mystical & practical – Skrunji life
* Enlarge your worldview, become a skrunji
* Lively up yourself
* Uplift your brothers & sisters
* The aliens landed long ago
* I love Skrunji
* Be my Skrunji – negative of CAB on beach
* Skrunji Youth
* Go into all the world
* Rally your spiritual antibodies
* R u driven by wants & needs or principles & morality?
* Do u hav a clue? Together skrunjis can solve the riddle.
* Skrunjis – People with no false pretense uniting around the globe – Carton onf red green n gold stick figs holding hands around a globe with a child in front exposing more of the globe n different size peeps. Spiritual Icebreakers.
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